strike off

remove from a list

Cross the name of the dead person off the list

Syn: ↑cross off, ↑cross out, ↑strike out, ↑mark
Hypernyms: ↑take away, ↑take out
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something

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strike off [phrasal verb]
1 strike off (something) or strike (something) off : to draw a line through (a name or item on a list)

The teacher struck off [=crossed out] the names as he called them out.

2 strike off (something) or strike (something) off : to remove (something) by hitting it with a tool in a forceful way

He struck off the top of the coconut with a machete.

3 strike off (someone) or strike (someone) off Brit : to remove the name of (someone, such as a doctor or lawyer) from an official register
— usually used as (be) struck off

The doctor was struck off for unethical practices. [=the doctor is no longer allowed to practice]

see also strike 17 (above), 1
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Main Entry:strike

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(by a blow), / (from an account), , / (as copies of a book),

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